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What you eat before you’re pregnant is just as important as after….

English scientists are conducting a trial of 110 couples prior to their undergoing IVF treatment. For the preconception trial the couples will be given dietary supplements rich in vitamin D and Omega 3 to test the idea that a Mediterranean diet rich in such nutrients has the potential to improve IVF outcomes.

Another study from Harvard University’s School of Public Health found that of the 147 women in their trial, those women who got 25% of their kilojoules from monounsaturated fat were three times as likely to give birth to a healthy baby as those who only got 9% of their kilojoules from “good fats”.

“As far as the best fat profile is concerned, this is the fat profile that you would find in a Mediterranean diet,” researcher Professor Jorge Chavarro said.

Read more….http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/mediterranean-diet-trial-targets-ivf-boost/story-fnet08ck-1226864784126


It’s always important to eat healthily – pregnant or otherwise. But anything boosting your fertility is especially important. Besides which Mediterranean food is delicious anyway!!
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