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The Myths that surround determining the sex of your unborn child

Once your pregnancy becomes obvious you will be inundated by people (including random strangers) with advice and information – a lot of it questionable!!

People love to ruminate on the sex of babies. All sorts of old wives tales abound and one person will swear it’s a boy whilst another well-meaning soul will be convinced it’s a pink one.

If you remain determined to wait for the surprise at birth you are best to ignore the lot of them!

Have you been told any of these yet…..http://www.babycenter.com.au/a550468/knowing-your-babys-sex-the-folklore

It’s your choice. Today’s technology provides us with clear answers and you should feel free to take advantage of it. An ultrasound rarely makes mistakes – unlike the old Wedding ring on a string indicator. If you don’t want to find out then enjoy the ride with no ill-conceived mythical predictions – after all its only 40 weeks…..
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