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Together we can make the best health choices for you.
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No two eggs are the same. We understand that.
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We offer full gynaecological services.
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Dr Rod Allen is a consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at the Mater Private Hospital in South Brisbane.

Life’s journey as a woman is an adventure. Pregnancy and parenthood are two of life’s greatest adventures, maintaining your gynaecological health ensures a full and active life.

Dr Allen’s caring support can guide you throughout your journey from fertility to pregnancy to gynaecological health and well being. You are in the best possible hands in the nurturing and safe environment of his practice.

To find out more about Dr. Rod Allen click here.

Dr Allen has a new toy: The Philips Clearvue 650 three-d Ultrasound machine – now you get an amazing 3D scan of your baby at every visit.


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