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What Not To Say to a Pregnant Woman

little girl looking at pregnant mother's belly

First Rule – when in doubt DON’T COMMENT! It’s a mistake we usually only ever make once but better not to make it at all – if you’re unsure re the gestational status of a woman –don’t ask. There is nothing worse for both questioner, (“when are you due?”)  and answerer, than “ I gave birth 6 months ago”.

Pregnant women are naturally often sensitive and emotional and really don’t want to hear anyone’s theories on their size, shape or bearing. A little sensitivity goes a long way. Not to mention the fact that each pregnancy is different and should not be compared to another. Though the comments are mostly uttered with genuine interest and concern they are perhaps best unuttered. There is a natural and very human interest in pregnancy and babies – but maybe stick to neutral topics (once pregnancy is established!!!!) like due date, nursery plans etc


The only person who should discuss your weight in pregnancy is your obstetrician – and even then with caution!!!!
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