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Real Pregnancy Stories

So you are pregnant – and so excited – a new baby to come and one of the most wonderful and demanding times in your life ahead. But right now however much you wanted this pregnancy you feel awful – nauseous, exhausted, sore breasts, hormonal and fragile. However aware of your blessings and grateful to be pregnant it is absolutely ok to whinge!!!

It is at best a flawed process (though miraculous) and at worst like a form of torture – wait until 36+ weeks when there is someone playing football internally at all hours of the day and night if you think that’s an exaggeration. Some women enjoy pregnancy and genuinely seem to glow but for most of us it can be a physically and emotionally demanding time – not to mention that society can make us feel guilty for complaining. Recent studies suggest up to 42% of women struggled but were too guilty or embarrassed to admit it to their Doctor.

At Dr Rod Allen’s rooms it is a “free whinge zone” NOT a “whinge free zone”. So feel free to vent and we will understand and know you are still blessed and excited about the new arrival – though sometimes ambivalent about the journey!http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/lets-be-honest-sometimes-being-pregnant-really-sucks/story-fnet08ck-1227580934607

Always let your Doctor know how you are feeling – physically, mentally and emotionally – we look after the whole woman – not just the child bearing bits.
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