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Are babies contagious? We hope so!

A new sociological study has found that women’s fertility planning is influenced by their high school friends. One friend giving birth starts the other friends thinking about starting their own families. 1700 women were involved in the study which confirms the strong influence our social network has on our lifestyle and choices.

We have had many instances of sisters (even twin sisters) who fell pregnant around the same time.   This makes for a lovely journey for the siblings and a lifetime bond for the new cousins. We also have fun trying to coordinate antenatal visits for them!

Read more….http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/277419.php

It’s always good to share life’s experiences with people you are close to. Besides which, if you have a friend or relative going along the same journey at the same time, you will both have someone to bounce your pregnancy concerns off.
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