Dr Allen specialises in low and high risk pregnancies to ensure the dream of taking home a healthy baby is fulfilled even in the most challenging of pregnancies.

As the father of five children, all of whom have been delivered safely at the Mater Mothers Private Hospital, Dr Allen knows what it’s like to be an anxious parent-to-be. He also knows what it’s like to provide the utmost care and safety to women who are starting or expanding their families.

Dr Allen is supportive of your birthing choices. He will listen to your requests and concerns, and then will formulate a plan with you to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your baby – be that vaginal birth, elective Caesarean or VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Caesarean). Dr Allen has extensive experience and can offer the following obstetric services:

  • Pre-pregnancy assessment and counselling
  • Recurrent miscarriage
  • Early pregnancy genetic counselling
  • Pregnancy management, antenatal care and confinement
  • Low risk pregnancy with the expectation of normal uncomplicated birth
  • Pregnancy beyond 35 years of age
  • High risk multiple pregnancy care
  • Pregnancy complicated with high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia), or diabetes
  • Women with pre-existing medical problems such as thyroid disease, auto-immune disorders, kidney disease, cardiac disease

Why does Dr Allen choose the Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital?

One of the main reasons Dr Allen recommends mothers choose to have their babies at Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital is, quite simply, because it’s the best. It is the largest private maternity and new born facility in Queensland. It provides exceptional care for mothers, babies and their families and the dedicated and highly experienced staff ensure you have the finest leading-edge maternity and newborn services available. It also fosters a family friendly environment with large, light and airy rooms, daybed for your partner to sleepover and the absolute latest technology to allow efficient monitoring for all women and their babies. Throughout your pregnancy and after the birth you will have access to a range of superior support from caring midwives to help you and your baby. You’ll find all the benefits of being a Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital mum here.

Now you get an amazing 3D scan of your baby at every visit with our Philips Clearvue 650 three-d Ultrasound machine.