Pregnant woman = Male Seahorse?

Teresa LawsDr Rod says, pregnancy

Marine biologists at the University of Sydney have been studying seahorse breeding. And while it was known that seahorses are the only creatures were the males carry the pregnancy we now also know their role is similar to a human mother. The female mother provides the nutrient rich egg yolk while it is the father who provides ongoing nutrients, protection, immunity, oxygen, and remove waste – similar to a human pregnant mother.

‘Regardless of your species, pregnancy presents a number of complex challenges, like ensuring you can provide oxygen and nutrients to your embryos. We have evolved independently to meet these challenges, but our research suggests that even distantly related animals use similar genes to manage pregnancy and produce healthy offspring.’ says Dr Camilla Whittington.

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Who knows with evolution – maybe one day Dads will be pregnant – I wonder what changes that would be bring!