New App for Baby Poo

Teresa LawsDr Rod says, pregnancy

On the list of things no-one ever tells you about motherhood should be a big heading labelled “bodily functions”.

Pregnancy, birth and motherhood will ensure you see and think more about bodily excretions than you ever wished to. Not just your own but that new delightful little persons too!
And you may laugh and say “not I” but I can assure you there will be conversations about poo. To help you interpret the normality of your baby’s nappy there is a new app from the John Hopkins University aptly named “Poop Md.”

There will be some interesting deposits and this app reassures you on what qualifies as normal and what needs checking out.



Yes it’s true – your conversations  will change – and rather than worry needlessly using a tool like this can set your mind at rest – but always trust your instincts and check with your GP or Paediatrician if you are concerned.