Soccer Win = Baby Boom

Teresa LawsDr Rod says

In one month, May 2009, the Spanish soccer club FC Barcelona won three major trophies which were described as “extraordinary and emotive triumphs.”  It appears that the way these successes were celebrated took place off the field as well because there was a transitory, never to be repeated, rise in ... Read More

“Facetime” technology connects Mum and baby

Teresa LawsDr Rod says

As often as we bemoan the abuse and overuse of telephonic technology it’s undeniable it has many benefits. In a lovely story from the Royal Women’s Hospital in Victoria, medical staffs are using “Facetime” to connect new Mum’s and their babies. About twenty families have experienced these technological connections since ... Read More

Foods to avoid in Pregnancy

Teresa LawsDr Rod says, pregnancy

It’s a long time since the 1950’s when pregnant women smoked and drank for the nine months with their Doctor’s knowledge. Even 20 years ago in my first pregnancy there were no restrictions on what pregnant women ate. But just three years later and pregnant again there was a long ... Read More

Trending now…2014 Baby Names

rodogDr Rod says, pregnancy

So now you’re pregnant, next comes the great “Name Debate”. Hopefully this is a fun pastime for your partner and yourself to indulge in over the coming months. However, sometimes discussions can become tricky! Usually it’s a lovely beginning to your joint parenting journey. If you want to be ahead ... Read More

Are you getting enough? … Folic acid that is!

rodogDr Rod says, pregnancy

Folic acid is a B-group vitamin which is essential for the healthy growth of the foetus – especially in the first trimester. This is the time when vital organs are developing, in particular the brain and spinal cord. If the spinal cord remains open neural tube defects occur, the most ... Read More